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Condolences for Alex Zander Stimpson

Alex was an amazing friend, he always cared about others more then himself. His kids and fiancé were is whole world. He was only 24 and had a whole life ahead of him. He was an easy going guy and a friend anybody would want to have. Not only was he a friend of mine, he was also a brother to me, it's weird going Day to day not talking to in or hear his laugh. He was a goofy, happy go lucky person. It hurts me knowing he has passed away. I will never forget him, he may be gone but never forgotten. His childeren will know everyday that he loved them very much and they will always know their daddy was a great man. He may not have had much but he always found a way to smile and give others more then he had himself. Alex was truly a great person, full of laughs and smiles. He will be deeply missed by everyone. He may be gone but he is looking down over everyone letting them know he is always with them in their hearts.
From Dylan Hanson