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Condolences for Donald Foster Stetzer

Yes, I dad do something fun. I went swmiming at Wet n'Wild water park and talked to you while I was on the way with a bunch of kids in the back of the pickup with Abby, who went with me too. I did a pretty good job with the backstroke. I think the kids are about to beat me at swmiming, so I hope I can hold up a little longer. I remember I didn't do such a good job when Darla was at Ft. Coob Lake, but an old indian helped us out, and I gave hime all the watermelons I had. I'm still growing tomatoes, green beans, squash and cucumbers. I hope I don't have to reward anybody with melones (cantaloupes) or sandias (watermelons), because they don't grow too good in El Paso, although I trying my luck again at pumpkins. Anyway, thanks for the memories, son, but remember; mine's the 10th,and your's is the (seven)teenth. Love always, Dad.
From Adi

Marie and Ron, Our sincere sympathy on the death of your brother, Foster. We enjoyed visiting with Foster these past few years at birthday celebrations for our grandparents (Henry and Sylvia) and at Christmas gatherings. He was very interesting to talk with.
From Harley & Deanna Welscher

I am the son of Don's sister-in-law. We were so impressed by Don's knowledge of urban geography. When there was a street corner on TV he cold tell the name and area of the city. He drove to visit us in Northern British Columbia along with aunt Amy and we visited them in Wisconsin. A knowledgeable, kind and patient person. He was always impressed by the longevity of his family. He was a wonderful husband to our aunt. We will remember him for the gentleman that he was. May he rest in peace.
From Lenore and Wally Harwood

I am Donna (Stetzer)(Schroeder) Olson's daughter. I am very sorry to hear of Foster's death. We can take comfort knowing he is in a more peaceful, pain free place. I will always remember his vast knowledge and how he strongly emphasized education. He was very interested is my childrens' education choices as well. I am happy we were able to spend some time with him at our last few family Christmases. My sympathy to you and your family. Lisa
From Lisa Bulman