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Condolences for Harriett Ann Slack

Miss Harriett and my mother, Martha Weldon, were great friends during their many years at Stonefield Manor. That friendship developed from their shared farm roots; they had so much in common and spent many hours reminiscing about their lives, laughing and crying as they recalled the good and the trying moments. Some of my favorite memories of those times were when we would go to lunch together at one of their favorite restaurants and they would tease each other like young schoolgirls. After Mother passed away, I felt Miss Harriett was my closest person to Mother's history, her generation and her stories. So, Miss Harriett and I became good friends in honor of that connection. She told me many stories about her life and experiences, including the California family reunion, which seemed like they could have been stories about my own family. She was so proud of having made that trip and of all the fun she had! Even after she moved to the Onalaska Care Center from Eagle Crest, my visits to her were always a high point of any trip back to Wisconsin. Her resilience, her sense of humor, her mischievous nature all endeared her to me. She did love to tease! I am deeply saddened at her passing, but can imagine her and Mother laughing somewhere that would remind them of their girlhoods, somewhere beautiful and innocent and serene. i know the grief of losing the sweetest person in my own life and send my heartfelt condolences to Miss Harriett's entire family. The treasure of the many good memories we all have of her will find a way deeper ito our hearts, and there will be a day...someday...when we will be able to think of her with a smile, and not a tear. Saying farewell to such a loved one means finding a way to honor them through our own lives. I pray we each are each able to do that and to find a good and gentle peace with her passing. With love and respect, LaNette Zimmerman
From LaNette Zimmerman

I’m so sorry for your loss. I remember meeting Harriett several times. It was shortly after finding Carol and Marc that my Dad drove me up to LaCrosse and we had lunch with Harriett. She shared with me many precious memories that I will always hold dear. She was so very kind to me. I’m thankful for how God orchestrates this life journey. Please know I’m praying for you all.
From Shelly and Jim Skorik