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Condolences for Richard "Dick" Graff

Rick, I was very sorry to hear about your dad. Dick was truly a great guy and I will miss him very much. There was no one down by the river who was nicer to my grand parents than your dad. I remember well when he ran outlets into the garage for Carl. He used to stop all the time when he was driving down the road to your cottage as we were cleaning fish, sometimes just to shoot the bull, though often he would pull out his knife and give us a hand with the cleaning. I imagine he is now with his wife fishing the big river in the sky. Lots of jumbo bluegills and crappies always in his basket. I am truly sorry for your loss. Dave
From Dave Mattea

Kim and family -- My deepest condolences on the loss of your folks. It is a difficult time of life when you lose those so close to you. May God bless them and you. Your old friend, Terry
From Terry Wirkus

Lois and Dick were high school friends of my parents. I remember many happy times with the Graff's when I was a child. We also "ran into them" a few times at the cottage and I remember Dick and Ricky trying to convince us kids how wonderful frogs legs would be--going so far as to show us frogs they had caught that had fat juicy legs! Kim and I were friends as children and kept "bumping" into each other through teen and even early adult years. It's been a long time since I've had contact with any of the Graff's but I remember them fondly. I'm so sorry at the loss of Lois and Dick so close together. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I'll always cherish my memories of the fun we had with your family.
From Linda Gleason

As a brand new engineer at Trane in 1976, Dick took me under his wing and taught me everything I needed to know about manufacturing, bowling, fishing, deer processing, cooking turkey nuts, hewy sticks, golfing, boating the river, love of life, patience and how not to take myself so seriously. He became my best friend and my best man at my wedding to my wife Karen who immediately fell in love with him as I had. He knew how to throw a party and when to get serious, and his devotion to family was second to none. We kept in touch for many years after I left LaCrosse, each wedding anniversary calling each other and talking about old times. On several occasions my family would be traveling through LaCrosse on the way to Green Bay or fishing in Canada and we would stay at his home. He gave my youngest son his first fly rod and at 24 he still uses it today. I miss the fact that he is gone but I am glad that he and Lois are together again.
From Dennis Rogosch

Sorry for your loss. I worked with Dick in the early 1970's at Trane plant 4. What a fun guy. Always smiling and making others laugh.
From Don Lee