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Condolences for Mildred F. Mannel

I only learned of Millie’s passing late Wednesday afternoon, and I regret that I will be unable to attend her services personally. I have many memories of Millie, dating from my days working for Ron at South Lanes Pizza in the early 1980s and well beyond that. It was not unusual that when things got busy at South Lanes Pizza (as they often did) that Millie would get a call from Ron asking her to come in – often it would be a Friday or a Saturday night, and I’m sure she had better things to do. But she lived right down the road and would always be there in a few minutes ready to go. She’d had years of restaurant experience of course, so she was always cool under pressure and even though I was just a kid, she never treated me like one. To Butch, Renee, Barb Mannel and the rest of Millie’s family, I offer my sincere condolences - I always enjoyed Millie, her spirit, and her company. Please accept my apologies for not being able to attend Thursday’s services, but please know that I will be there in spirit. Gene Purcell, Madison, WI
From Gene Purcell