Condolences for Eleanor H. Zurn

I, like my 2 brothers had the privilege to have Mrs. Zurn as our 3rd grade teacher, not at the same time, in the La Crescent Public School in the 50 & 60's. One of the fairest & finest persons I will ever have had the honor to know. Her motto was 'never give up', and she taught it well. All of her students were equal regardless of the families from which they came. She gave me the tool to advance myself 'read, read, and read. My favorite time in the school day was 'story time'. She read with such feeling anyone listening would be filled with her emotions and the way she brought them across. My parents were personnel friends of Mr. & Mrs. Zurn and also spoke highly of her. One day my father ask me 'Why I did it a certain way?' I said, 'Mrs. Zurn told me to do it that way.' He replied, 'If anyone knows what she's doing than it's her. We will all miss her. Knowing that when the memories return, to know that she has passed on to a better place & is preparing to meet her class when we enter the other school house. Charles Panke
From Charles Panke

My condolences for the loss of Mrs. Zurn. She was an excellent teacher at the West Salem Elementary School in the 70's. I remember her very fondly for her kindness and what I learned from her. She touched many lives in her teaching career, and I'm grateful mine was one of them.
From Vadrian (Manter) Zagar

Rita was a long time volunteer at the Historical museum. I so enjoyed our chats.
From Dianne Bess

Though it has been decades since I last saw her, I remember Eleanor as a very gracious lady. She had a great fun loving spirit, which was passed on to her children. She showed an intersted in everyone. She always made me feel welcomed in her home when I came to visit.
From Paul Wiese

I remember Mrs. Zurn for many reasons: she was my junior high English teacher and later my colleague at the West Salem Elementary School, she was a wizard at identifying and sometimes cooking all sorts of plants that she found at our school forest, and she was a woman of varied interests and talents. My condolences to her family. I hope that many happy memories will bring comfort at this sad time.
From Kathy Thompson

Mrs. Zurn was my junior high school teacher in West Salem back in the early 70's. She was a wonderful teacher and had the uncanny ability to make a child want to learn. She would take the time to help you understand the subject. And I learned a lot from her. When I think of her, I do so with fondness. I was saddened to hear of her death. My sympathies to her family.
From Nancy (Anderson) Schmig

Mrs. Zurn was one of my first teachers when I came to West Salem as a new student in the sixth grade. I had attended Smith Valley school with an average of 11 kids per grade and the move was very difficult for me - West Salem seemed huge! Mrs. Zurn was my savior. She was so warm, kind, and understanding that I will never forget her. I have never met a kinder person in my life. May your memories of her be as sweet and warm as the ones she created for me.
From Stacy (Vance) Streeton

I came to know and love Eleanor while working at Hearten House. She was a joy to care for and she taught me something new almost every day; she was a teacher right up to the end. She is one of the smartest people I have ever met, and she was and is deeply missed at Hearten House. She always added so much to our activity time, whether she was reading to the other residents or raising her hand to answer a trivia question. Eleanor was so proud of her family. She loved to talk to us about her family and was especially excited about her first great-grandchild, Flora, who was named after Eleanor's mother. Eleanor had a jade plant in her room that she said she started from a cutting from her son's plant. Her plant would drop leaves at times. One day, Eleanor gave me a leaf that had dropped from her plant and told me to put it in water and that it would grow roots and I could plant it. I figured it was worth a try. Sure enough, that tiny, tiny leaf did grow roots and I did plant it. Today it's almost a foot high and it is my most treasured plant. Every time I look at it or care for it I think of Eleanor. It is so special to have. I consider it a privilege and an honor to have known Eleanor for even the short time that I did. She truly was a treasure and my thoughts and prayers are with her family at this time. Teresa Campbell
From Teresa Campbell

Eleanor has been a long time friend of my Mother Betty Luxford Freeman. I went to visit her many times when she was at her home and each time my Mother came from Florida. she will be missed. She was a wonderful warm women. My prayers are with her daughter. God Bless
From Lynn Luxford Walters

My heartfelt sympathy for the loss of Mrs. Zurn. She was my sixth grade teacher at West Salem Elementary school. She was an excellent teacher who really got to know her students. I remember her naming her car "Bambi" and I'd often wave at her as I was waiting for the bus. She is one of the reasons I became a teacher and now I am completing my career this year with 39 years. Mrs. Zurn touched so many lives in her teaching career and she truly was a wonderful person. The school bell has rung one last time for Mrs. Zurn!
From Karla Manke Johnson

Mrs, Zurn was my fifth grade Teacher at La Crescent MN Elementary School in the late sixties. Many of her students have very nice memories about Mrs. Zurn. I recall what a stylish lady she was always smiling,joyous,and patient. I learned all my multiplication tables from her, she encouraged us never to give up.My prayers and warm thoughts are with her family at this time. Blessings.
From Corinne Hoyt-Santoso

I had the opportunity to befriend Eleanor when I worked at Hearten House. Eleanor was simply amazing! She was extremely intelligent, sweet, funny, and a great conversationalist! Her family was very important to her and she loved to talk about them a lot especially her granddaughter and great-granddaughter (also her sister and daughter). I also remember her knowledge of plants and she always talked with me about her crocheted squares which she dyed using vegetables and other plants. My sincere condolences to her family and friends. I have never forgotten Eleanor and often wondered how she was doing. Eleanor was so wonderful and I know she will be missed.
From Mackenzie James