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Obituary for Tonia (Skadson) Rusert

Tonia (Skadson) Rusert. Born on June 21, 1953- May 29th 2020. Loving mother and best friend. Survived by her only daughter Tanya (Rusert) Moe, son in law Darin Moe, Grandson Taylor Stigen, Bo Skadson & Bob Brand, Merlene Skadson and Len Reining, Mary Ellen Skadson and Gary Wangen, Lesa Skadson and Todd Johnson, Mark and Stacy Skadson and numerous nieces and nephews. She loved reading, cooking spending one on one time with her family and friends and she loved roses. She went to heaven with her parents Merle and Mary Skadson, a special friend Larry and Chloe. She will greatly be missed for her infectious laugh, smile, her numerous phone calls and how you could get her to laugh and her famous potatoe salad Memorial service to be held at the Tanya and Darin moe house, 210 W Adams St, Caledonia MN. at 1 pm. Memorial to say good bye to Tonia, followed by a Memorial Service, followed by sandwiches and beverages. Please no flowers, instead memorial money. Mom I love you. You were my world and meant everything to me, You were my best friend and listener. Every day will be hard and to not receive your daily phone call. Say hi to nana, and chloe. It’s my first day in heaven and what a beautiful place. You’ll be glad to know there’s a smile upon my face. The moment I left you, two angels in white carried me up here to heaven that night. All those stories you hear about Heaven are true, But you don’t walk over it, the angels carried me through. There’s a gate at the end made of real pearl. It might be the biggest gate in the world! Once I got in and started looking around, you just won’t believe all the things I found! The first place they took me was to see mom, dad, larry and Chloe. Once I was tired, the angels said “We’ll take you to your new home, They took me to my new house. It took my breath away. The most beautiful place I’ve ever seen . They said “come on in, let’s go inside and have a look around”. They took me to the bottom floor. You won’t believe what I found! The bottom of my house is a window and you won’t believe the view. You see my house sits right over yours, so I can keep an eye on you! Now I can watch you every second and know you’re okay! I was so worried about you when I went away, But God said. Do not worry. I will treat her as my own until you see her again. Now I can watch you every second and know you’re okay! I can’t wait for that moment when we can walk around this place, and I can cover you with kisses on every inch of your face.