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Laminated Obituary Order Form

A laminated obituary of your loved one is a perfect keepsake that you can cherish forever. There are various backgrounds and poems/prayers available for you to choose from. By clicking on the links below, first select a background and then select a poem/prayer for the side opposite of obituary.

*NOTE - Certain background selections come pre-printed with a specific poem/prayer on it, therefore you may not select your own poem/prayer. If ordering more than one laminated obituary, you may select more than one style of background. We can also laminate any other obituary that you may have from a previous funeral, even if it’s from a different funeral home (you may mail it, email it, or drop a copy of it off to us).

To order, please fill out the information below and click Submit. Each laminated obituary is $5.00. Once your payment is received at the address listed below, your order will be filled and mailed to the address you submitted. If you would like to make other arrangements or have questions, please call us at 786-1990. Thank you.

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