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Condolences for Joyce C. Richards

As stated, I came to know Joyce with having Eric and Jamie Ristey's three daughters in my kindergarten classroom. Joyce came into my life as a helper in my West Salem classroom for many, many years. Joyce continued working full days for numerous years after the girls graduated from the school system and worked with me until my retirement in 2011. You could say Joyce retired from West Salem Elementary School when I retired. During the time Joyce and I spent together she also gave hundreds and hundreds of hours helping with the Marie W. Heider Center for the Arts facility with our shows, Mayfair Sunday's each May,helping with our daytime educational shows and work days getting out our Star Gazette newsletters and season brochures. Joyce handed out show programs before our Heider evening shows and she was always at the concession table taking care of the cookies and beverages. It was no wonder that she was chosen as one of our Volunteers of the Year at the Heider Center. Joyce was the energizer bunny ! Numerous times I would tell Joyce to sit down and relax ! She always told me of her many years being on her feet at the car dealerships....quite the lady ! She will be wonderfully remembered for her many donated hours to the school system and to the Heider Center. It was a honor knowing my friend, Joyce Richards.
From Peggy Green

I worked with Joyce as the Asst. bookkeeper at Crown Datsun. I enjoyed working with her and learning a great deal from her. She was a wonderful and kind person. RIP Joyce.
From Susan Bluske