Condolences for Marie P. Weaver

This is not a condolence. This is a remembrance, celebration and thanks for my teacher. Mrs. Weaver was my 6th grade homeroom and history teacher in 1989. For reasons I cannot put a finger on, she latched on to me and my best friend, and vice versa. We adored her, as well as our occasional substitute teacher, Mr Weaver. To this day I vividly remember individual projects from her class with fondness. She gave us license to be playful and creative as long as we met the lesson objectives, and we ran with it. In 1995, my friend from Mrs Weaver's class and I gave the Central HS commencement remarks. She was there in the audience, and had brought with her a an amusing project we did for her class that she had saved. It was the sweetest, most unexpected (but on-brand!) gesture, an expression of her support and belief in us. And, took it as confirmation that she found it as funny as we had all those years ago. At least, I hope so. I would like to imagine we gave her something worth remembering, as she gave to us. She was unforgettable. I will remember her always.
From Eric Hanson

John and Debbie I am so sorry for your loss. Your mom was one of the nicest people on earth. She always had a smile on her face when she came to the office. Most people don’t!! I never saw her without a book in her hand. She always talked about how wonderful you were to her. Her kitty and her birds came next on the list. It was a pleasure to get to know her! ???
From Barb

We had the pleasure of living by "Miss Marie" when she lived behind us in her duplex off of CTH S. She would always call us right after we lit up our yard and back deck with Christmas lights each Thanksgiving weekend. We made it a point to pick out a Christmas tree for our back deck that we put lights on just for her to enjoy. We will always remember the most wonderful hand written Christmas card letters she sent each year. She was a very special person who will be missed.
From Keith and Chris Williams (Ruth Lane)

We had the pleasure of spending allot of time with Marie as our neighbor. She was giving and kind. We have missed her deeply.
From jolene and steve

I would like to give my condolences to the family of Marie Weaver, I was one of her students when she taught at Longfellow Middle School, she was a favorite teacher of mine so sweet, kind & she care very much for all of her students, she was truly one of a kind I will never forget her thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
From Antonette (Toni) Travline

I worked with Marie at Longfellow Middle School. She was a wonderful teacher and a lovely person. Truly missed when she retired. Some people are born teachers, she was one of them.
From Ruthann Bahr

Mrs Weaver was one of my all-time favorite teachers, and I attribute my love of Geography to her teaching efforts and still look back fondly to the Geography Bee she hosted in 6th grade at Longfellow. She definitely made the world a kinder, and more learned place. Lots of love from our family to yours.
From A former student

A wonderful lady to the highest degree!! The way Marie cared for her sweet sister, her pets, her children, her visiting birds, her plants, her puzzles, her seasonal decor, and the very lucky children and staff at Eagle Bluff School who had the fortune of her weekly plus giving of her time in her retirement was truly a life to aspire to!! The support, hard work, listening ears, advising wisdom, and all with an amazing smile and graciousness in the less than 20 years I knew her, I just cannot even imagine the impact she had the previous 70+ years of her life. So grateful to her son John & Debbie who gave her the dignified and excellent care she deserved at the end of her beautiful life here on this Earth. She is truly missed and forever remembered!
From Kim & Mike Earll

I am so sorry to learn of Marie's death. I bought a plant today, and planned to visit her tomorrow. I could see that my dear friend was failing the last time I visited her. Although I am devastated, I am so happy to know that Marie is in the arms of the angels with her family.
From Mary Keefe Barrett