To live in the hearts and minds of those we leave behind


Services Provided with Our Basic Professional Service

Receiving the initial death call by staff or answering service
Removal and transportation of your loved one from the place of death to the funeral home
Arranging for the Medical Examiner to view your loved one and to authorize cremation
Preparing the Authorization Form for the Medical Examiner to sign
Submitting the Medical Examiner's Authorization Form to the crematory
Funeral arrangement meeting with the family by a staff member
Compilation of the statistical information for the death certificate
Delivering the death certificate to the doctor's office for certification
Retrieving the completed death certificate from the doctor's office on a different day
Filing the death certificate with the state
Ordering certified copies of the death certificate at the Register of Deeds
Retrieving the certified death certificates when they are ready at the Register of Deeds
If applicable, closing out the funeral trust account at the financial institution or applying for assistance
Completing and filing of the La Crosse County Burial Permit at the Register of Deeds
Completing and submitting the crematory authorization paper work to the crematory
Care of your loved one's remains for the 48 hour required cremation authorization period
Notifying Social Security Administration
Preparing (or revising) and submitting the obituary to the newspaper
Preparing and providing laminated obituaries
Securing funeral times and details, along with securing clergy and/or musicians, luncheons, etc.
Retrieving cremated remains from crematory
Transferring cremated remains to urn
Arranging for burial
If applicable, ordering monument final dating
Creating and printing of memorial folders
No-fee cash advancing the outside funeral home costs of:
(unless other arrangements are made by the family)

  • Crematory charges
  • Cemetery charges
  • Lunch charges
  • Obituary charges
  • Flower charges
  • Medical Examiner fee
  • Death certificates fee
  • Clergy and musician honorariums
  • Monument Final Dating

*Any additional services requested by the family that are not listed here will be charged separately.