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Condolences for Jordy Johns

Out of curiosity, I looked for Jordy today as he was my horse trainer many years ago in Las Vegas. And I found this posting, sadly. Sending my condolences and may Jordy rest in peace.
From Leslie Stafford

Dear Ms. Johns, we learned of Jordy's passing while looking through the internet today - march 19, 2012 - thinking about our horseback riding adventure when visiting minnesota from the netherlands a few years ago. Jordy spontaneously came over and spent some extra time with our daughter and was very complimentary of her riding style and you both showed us around the stables and your clothing designs. It was very special for us and we have very fond memories of our day at the stables. We're sad to hear of Jordy's passing but you should know that he left many with warm memories that live on. Kindest regards, Bob, Rinke, Justin and Siena Verber
From The Verber Family

Kim, So sorry to hear this news. I think of Jordy often and the good times we had at the shows. He was always a support system for me when train-ing and showing. He will be deeply missed. Please keep in contact, my deepest sympathy is with you. Jim
From Jim Kellogg, Michigan

I only met Jordy a hand full of times but I know how badly he will me missed, especially by his family! My heart goes out to a very dear friend of mine,,,his wife Kim! Years go by and people loose touch but we never forget! I'm praying for strength for you my friend! Number is the same, plus face book if u need someone to talk too! Their is a big loose in the world, RIP!
From Alyson Essington

Once in awhile you meet someone that you can tell has made an impact in some way on those around them. My relationship with Jordy was short but his gentle ways and kind heart gave me insight as to how special his influence must have been to his family, students, and four-legged friends. May he rest in peace free of the brave battle he fought but took him too soon. His legacy will remain in all that were lucky enough to gain his endless knowledge within the horse community and beyond.
From Dacia Bestor, Dacia's On Main

Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of sorrow. Words seem so hard but I would like to borrow some from once I read: He can not be pulled from you when he is a part of you; does the sun leave the sky? Or simply travel to illuminate another piece of it? Does the wind retreat at the end of the storm or depart to blow elsewhere; Just because he cannot touch you doesn't mean he is not with you. Just because you cannot see him laugh doesn't mean he cannot laugh with you. He is within you, like the rays of the sun brightens the sky. His death did not make him surrender - he did not give up the right to love you, to be with you, to watch over you. So when you are out riding, feel the light on your back and think of Jordy - your thoughts and love will mingle...he is still with you, always. Our heartfelt sympathies and love are with you.
From Uncle Roger and Aunt Dianne

I was sorry to hear of the illness and passing of Jordy. Many memories from years ago. We did have some wonderful times. He was one talented man when it came to training horses. RIP Jordy
From Jody Campbell

I met Jordy years ago when my sister and I were teenagers boarding at Whippletree Stables in Mundelein, Illinois. We were novice horse owners and really did not know very much at all about the care and upkeep of horses. Jordy coached us and helped us learn to become better horse owners. He was not our trainer, but he willingly spent time with us just to help us improve. I remember quite a lot of laughing and good times with Jordy. The world was a better place because of Jordy and we will miss him.
From Paulette Peters (Libertyville, Illinois)

I had the pleasure of being with Jordy at several family get together's when he was married to my cousin. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends, he will be missed.
From Sandy Lueth-Mann (Marengo, IL)

Over the past year I was reconnected with Jordy. He was the trainer at my parents barn Maple Leaf Stables, mostly training Arabians. I met Jordy when I was around 12 years old and to this day I still ride as if I have a board in my back. I will never forget the time when I was in the show ring and he kept telling me to stay on the rail. Even though I took first place in the class I thought he was going to yell at me for not staying on the rail.( which was very hard with 70 horses in the ring.)When the class was over he came up to me and gave me a great big hug and said how proud of me he was. I love and will miss him greatly!!!
From Michelle Moir (Silzer)

Although it has been a few years since I rode with Jordy, I will never forget the things I learned from him - especially that HOW you presented yourself and your horse in the ring was just as important as WHAT you did. Although he was primarily a Morgan trainer these last few years, those of us in the Arabian industry have lost a great friend and mentor, too. Going to a horse show with Jord was many things, but NEVER DULL! You will be missed, old friend!
From Mark Johnson