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Obituary for Michael Patrick Severson

Michael Patrick Severson, 48, of Rockland, WI, was found dead in his home on Monday, December 17th, 2018 from an accidental overdose. No other information is available. Mike was born to Ronald & Marilyn (La Marre) Severson in Green Bay, WI on March 21, 1970. He was extremely saddened by his mom's death from lung cancer at the age of 66, on March 8, 2014. Survivors include his father Ronald (Jennifer) Severson (Temple, TX), his sister Desirée (Nick) Althoff, (Rockland, WI) & their daughter, Mariah Althoff, (St. Paul, MN). He is also survived by seven aunt's, & twenty four cousins. Michael joins his mother, both sets of grandparents, & his uncle Wayne & Aunt Betty in a place of peace. Mike is a Veteran of the United States Army where he served for four years after graduating from high school. After getting out of the military, he moved to Green Bay, WI & lived there for over 15 years while married to Diane. After getting divorced he moved back to Rockland, WI to be near his family. Mike was currently working at Rockland Flooring. When he wasn't working he enjoyed doing different projects in his basement, updating his home & making some tasty food. He also enjoyed reading, writing poems & making people laugh with his unique sense of humor. Mike would amaze me with his memories of our childhood growing up. I loved listening to & being reminded of all of them. Another memory he would always talk about was going fishing with our dad while camping at Pine Grove Campground. Michael searched for over thirty years & was so pleased to finally reconnect with his great friend, Mary Jo Boutin. She became a positive influence for Michael & made him feel he was loved & not alone. She gave him comfort, confidence, & a voice of reasoning. Michael had another great friend, Katie Guise, who assured him she would always be there for him & help him any way she could. You both truly made a difference in his life. Thank you!! I'm extremely sad & disappointed to convey there will not be an opportunity to celebrate the many great memories of my brother's life. His disease of an incredibly horrific addiction of drugs & alcohol unfortunately consumed his life so much so that all of his family & friends no longer saw him as the great, wonderful human being he truly was. When addiction talks, no one listens. I feel extremely humbled to say I was there for my brother 100% of the time because I knew when he was good, he was GREAT. To give up on someone consumed with addiction is like giving up on someone dying of cancer. You just don't do it! Feeling alone in a world full of people is so very sad. After what seemed to be a lifetime of unhappiness I wish him peace, love & unending happiness as he sores with the Eagles with Mom at his side. I love you Michael Patrick Severson. It's been an honor to be your sister!!